Stories of Astral Projection And Travel

Are you struggling to have your first astral projection experience, in spite of how hard you try Are you curious about the wild, wacky and wonderful regarding the astral planes and advanced states of consciousness, but simply can’t figure out a way to get there Relocate yourself envious of people who speak of being placement to “leave their bodies” at will, and beginning to wonder if you may not have the natural ability to try to do the same thing Or WORSE. like I once was, are you starting to become SKEPTICAL astral projection is even possible The truth is, learning how to research the ethereal realms through willfully “leaving your body” is one kind of the most amazing, life changing and controversial areas of human experience.

People have been reporting out of body experiences for thousands of years and yet most scientists, together with mainstream thought still considers the idea a silly one, and one that’s more hallucination or imaginary than real.And as office area . of people who have obtained astral projection first hand will attest, those folks would be WRONG. That said, most people that interested in experiencing this for themselves, find themselves unable to do so. Here is the thing. The SECRET to astral projection, or which has an “induced” OBE experience is absolutely very simple: You in order to be “train” your brain to be able to enter an associated with deep “disconnect”.

People who are very agile at astral projection techniques traditionally do this through mediation, or even using sound technology to “entrain” the brain into an altered state of consciousness. the most common of these is called hemisync, which was pioneered by OBE author and pioneer Robert Monroe, but several lower cost or free alternatives have popped up in the years due to the fact BIGGEST thing I have learned in trying to master astral projection is THIS: Paradoxically, the more you push. the less likely you are to experience an OBE.

The less you stress, the more likely is actually always that you will. Astralreisen , step protocol for powerful projections is this: Consistency practice at a definite time and place just about every day Consciousness you MUST “disconnect” and that can be through mediation, or music, or whatever quiets the monkey mind in most of us Belief you’ve got to believe astral projection is possible. or your limiting filters will stop you from experiencing it fully, even though you get close Connect! in case you feel the experience coming on, don’t pull back, become afraid or seek refuge.

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