Guide to Legendary-Game of Heroes

Legendary-Game of Heroes is a matching puzzle game for mobile with RPG of epic proportion. This is a visually satisfying and an exciting mobile game by N3twork Inc. This game is about collecting heroes and evolving them. It also deals with playing match-threes in order to bring about the heroes’ powers and then strategizing plans to win battles by taking into consideration the affinities and vulnerabilities of the cards along with the tiles that are being matched.

Here are few of the tips and guide to this thrilling game:

  • Tutorial

One should not skip the tutorial part, regardless of the gameplay being easy and simple to carry forward. Though few might take a longer time to learn the game and all they strategizing ways along with the available characters, the challenging part of this game will push you to explore each and every deal against the enemies.

  • Balancing out the heroes going for the battle

The affinities and vulnerabilities of the heroes are needed to be considered while getting the cards picked up against the enemies. Here, the fire gets defeated by water, the earth gets defeated by fire and water gets defeated by the earth. The characters’ affinities can be viewed before the battle starts. The game gets complicated as one need to get the correct combination picked in order to build a powerful attack. The combination of heroes should be used so as to avoid getting stuck with limited matching options.

  • Enemy’s turn should be watched out carefully

The enemy’s side should be planned out where you can see the numbers at the bottom, just beside the health bars. The number of strikes that the heroes strike is denoted by those tiny figures at the bottom. An enemy should be hit with the Chill instantly when the number goes down to one so as to make that character let go of another set of turns. In addition to this, the stage should be completed within a few turns which will make you earn excellent bonuses as well as perfect stars.

  • Combos can be made to deal damages

One can create more than two moves within a shorter time period in order to produce a combination of attacks. A green light is crossing the health bar at the moment when you make a match should be noticed. Another match should be made before this light reaches the opposite end of the health bar intended for a combo move. This can repeatedly be done within the allotted time. As soon as the light reaches the other end of the health bar, the matches get transformed into attacks.

  • The combo must be ended uniquely

A strategic location must be chosen to move one gem right at the end of the selected combos. A match need not be made, but it will definitely make your way through to better combos on your subsequent turn.

  • Healers will save you

Heroes that are able to heal can help you in recovering your health to some extent at a point of time. Therefore, one can bring such a hero only if they have an extra room. These heroes can also be used for conversion of some gems into pink hearts which can be further matched in order to recover lost health.

Thus, this game with all its unique and super enthralling will never disappoint all the gamers out there. Initially, the gameplay might seem a little difficult to understand, but once got the real taste and feel of the game, you can’t refrain yourself from playing it over a number of times.

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