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Obviously there are always extenuating circumstances surrounding accidents involving cars and pedestrians, but one thing is certain, serious injuries usually occur. Both drivers and pedestrians can minimize the likelihood of your respective pedestriancar accident by using caution and common need. When an accident of this sort does occur near Clearwater or Tampa, Florida, can be prudent to consult immediately with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Clearwater or Tampa, among a variety of injury attorneys in Tampa and Clearwater. Pedestriancar accidents are more common regions of the country states than others, and unfortunately Florida has considered one of the highest percentages.

Across the country inside were , pedestrians killed by motor vehicles as mentioned by NHTSA Traffic Safety Info. Also in , , pedestrians were injured in the same way, almost one pedestrian injury every minutes. This number may be even higher because many pedestrian crashes that cause injury will never recorded. In the state of Florida, the percentages are higher than throughout the united kingdom with . pedestrians killed every day and damaged or torn. The statistics on pedestrian accidents in florida are as follows Pedestrian crashes , Pedestrians injured , Pedestrians killed The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS breaks down health conditions like further, revealing some disturbing trends.

Most pedestrians killed are male. percent of all pedestrian deaths occurred in cities. California, Florida, Texas and Ohio make up percent of pedestrian deaths nationwide, but only make up percent of the total traffic fatalities. Most of of all fatalities occur on the weekends, and almost three quarters most fatalities happen at night, between pm and am. In a large amount cases, carpedestrian accidents occur when a pedestrian enters a road in front of car, and also the driver does not have enough time to react and avoid a collision.

phoenix car accident lawyer and a wise practice on both sufficient and the pedestrian’s part helps to circumvent these accidents.Follow Traffic Controls Pedestrians should cross in a crosswalk and follow traffic lights and pedestrian walk and don’t walk signals.

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